Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sensations felt during the Healing Miracle Prayer and other Meditations

Question:  During and sometimes after the miracle healing prayer I feel a gentle breeze like sensation on my face and body.  I have checked the windows and the doors and I do not have fans or air conditioning.

Answer:  This is a sign that you are on track.  I call these “God’s kisses”.  The cool breeze--like sensation that you are experiencing is energy.  It is a way for you to know that something is actually happening.  This energy has a soothing effect on the mind and body and sometimes it heralds the initiation of a healing process in your body.  If you are suffering from an illness you will find that the breeze will be more intense in that region of the body.

This manifestation is very subtle in most cases, so, unless you are paying attention and focusing on the process of the Miracle Healing Prayer you are likely to miss it.

In extreme cases, where people are experiencing severe emotional challenges, or are in need of more energy and support the breeze can be quite strong.

For example, a few years ago I was working on a free meditation during my spare time.  Commercial recording studios are expensive, and not necessarily the most conducive places for recording meditations and chants—the vibrations of these places can be rather dense sometimes.

The recording technician I was working with was chain smoking and drinking during the recording and this was proving a real challenge.

After a few fail attempts I felt a very strong breeze around my head. I felt the coolness of the air moving.  Compare it to a gentle summer breeze at the beach; tis despite the fact that I was in recording cubicle with no air conditioning and no sound whatsoever.  Immediately after that I was able to complete the recording without any further problems.  It turned out to be one of the best recordings I have ever made.

If you fell this sensation during your Miracle Healing Prayer Session acknowledge it, say “thank you.  I love you” and move on.  Do not make too much fuss about it.  It is not a “mystical” experience; it is a form of communication from Higher Intelligence.  If you turn it into a mystical or religious experience it will fade and it is unlikely to return.

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  1. This is exactly what I have been searching for(: God bless you Thank you so very much

  2. Just wondering if we keep our eyes open or closed during the video? Thank you for bringing this to us. Very powerful!

    1. Allow your intuition to guide you on this. Sometimes it is beneficial to keep the eyes open. At other times, eyes closed (that is my preferred way) is more appropriate.

      From a physical point of view, when you close your eyes the brain begins to shift in vibrations. I have verified this fact using brain wave scan technology.

      I like to retreat to the inner world by closing the eyes, however, I know some people who prefer keeping the eyes open, eventually they end up with closed eyes anyway :-)

      So there is no a "right way", there is only the way that works for you best :-)

  3. Hi. I am really interested in learning Source Healing. I have sent in a request 2x for a healing for myself, but haven't heard back. :)
    I so appreciate all that you do!

    1. Hello, all applications receive an answer. It is likely the answer has gone to Spam Heaven. Look in your spam folder and I assure you it will be there :-)

  4. Hi- I'm wondering about the ho'oponopono mantras- when I go through the mantras- on my own or with the guided one on your site- should I be focusing on the same person/situation that I am wanting to take responsibility each time, or is it ok for my mind to go to other people/situations that I want to take responsibility for? And I wonder if I it is best for me to continue revisiting the mantra throughout a day/week/more around the same issue- or is once enough- trusting that? Thank you for your help and for this site!

    1. The important factor here is that you must feel "good" when you are using the mantra. Taking responsibility is not in any way associated with "blame" or "guilt". Ho'oponopono is the first step to realizing that we are evolving beings. The more evolved we become and the less blunders we make :-)

      So, if after using the ho'oponopono mantra, you are not feeling "better" or "lighter", readjust your focus. Ask yourself "Am I focusing on blame or on releasing?"

      Remember that taking responsibility does not mean taking blame. It means that you now realize that all that happens in your life happens or has happened because of your state of consciousness--that is all. The moment you shift your focus from "blaming others" and "resentment" your vibrations change. As your vibrations change, the events around you will also begin to change.

      So it is not a matter of how many times you use the mantra, and how often you use it and with whom or what you use it. It is a matter of what is the focus of the mantra.

      If you focus on the fact that you are evolving being who is now realizing the immense power it has to alter its life--then you will find yourself moving from "cleaning" one situation and another in a very fast and efficient fashion.

      Indeed, as you begin "cleaning" one situation, many other related situations will dissolve on their own.

      It has all too do with vibrations. As you progress on the path, you will no longer need mantras or anything else to keep your vibrations aligned with the Light.

      Another important issue to remember here is that you CANNOT do Ho'oponopono wrong.

      If anyone tells you that you are doing it wrong, it is because they have a vested interest (money) in teaching you how to "do it right".

      This is because people are ALWAYS moved from within to begin to explore ways how to improve their lives.

      Just like a toddler, (when ready) rises up and begins taking its first steps, so do people begin to "discover" new ways.

      It has all to do with evolution. You are obviously ready to advance further and therefore you are now being guided to tools and ways that are best suited to your consciousness.

      Behind every soul who strives to evolve there is an army of spiritual beings who are there to ensure success--this is how Higher Intelligence ensures the constant evolution of the human race and the ultimate arrival of the Super Race.

      Sorry about the book. I get carried away sometimes :-)

  5. Hello, thank you for this great tool, it really brings peace and hope. The question is, how can I download the AUDIO? the link that appears in your page takes me to BlipTV but once you are there it says the file is not available. Is there another way to download it? Thank you.

    1. Hi Lupita, please go to this is where you will find download links for all my audios and videos. The library keeps expanding so keep in touch by subscribing to the links below.

      You can download a free copy of this video and many other audio and video meditations at

      Keep updated about new releases and new projects by subscribing to our Tweets

      And of course you are welcome at our Thereisaway Fan Page where all the great people of this world congregate :-)


  6. Hello, :)
    I use Ho`oponopono but I have hard time to feel responsible, I feel more like blame or quilty... I want to improve my life, I can`t struggle with money anymore.. I want to enjoy life and be able to buy for my kids everything they need...
    I just discover your video and I will try that..hope it will help..

    sorry if my english is bad Im form Croatia..
    thank you

  7. Your English is better than many people I know :-) There is a difference between taking responsibility and blaming oneself or falling for the insane damaging energy of guilt.

    You see we are all evolving beings, we are all walking the path of evolution. So who you were yesterday you are not today. Blame and condemnation are evil and destructive energies. People who feed these energies only attract more of the same.

    Taking responsibility on the other hand is a constructive act. It is a statement of understanding, of realizing what is taking place and it brings peace and enlightenment.

    When you blame another or yourself you secure the recurrence of the challenge. When you take responsibility, you immediately open the door to solutions and remedies and once these are in place you move on to the next challenge :-) This is what evolution is all about.

    We cannot help evolve because it is the law of creation, so back we come lifetime after lifetime each time building on the knowledge accumulated in previous experiences. It is an upwards path, and with each step you get closer to realizing who you really are :-)

    If you "discovered" the video it means you are ready fro the next step. You attracted the video to yourself because it is time to move forward, otherwise you would have never found it. :-) So that is really good news.

    Please do not try to "force" anything to happen. Just accept the fact that you are on the way up and that you are travelling in the right direction.

    When you are ready you will get an idea that will lift you from scarcity mentality to the mentality of abundance. The scarcity program is one that we receive during our formative times as children. It is an abnormal state, for we are all created to enjoy abundance and elegance and beauty in this life--take a look at creation all around you.

    In the current Dark Ages there are those who are possessed by the dark energies of fear and greed. They are the primary cause of scarcity on planet earth. This will change. So for now do the best you can, you are already on the way :-)

    Good luck with it, don't give up, keep searching