Sunday, June 11, 2017

Raja Yoga Meditation Om Shanti

Raja Yoga Meditation Om Shanti

The Raja Yoga Meditation Om Shanti is a guided meditation anyone can do.  In this meditation, I refer to the Creator as "Baba".  Baba is an endearing word meaning father.   

This is my first guided meditation I recorded.  I am pretty sure you will feel the sincere love I felt for the Creator.  

I had just learned that the Creator was unconditional love--far from the neurotic, vindictive and cruel God I was taught to believe as a child.  

This Baba was a loving teacher helping me evolve further and right alongside me on the path of life.

Raja Yoga Meditation Om Shanti Instruction

Go to a private, quiet place.  Switch off your phone and sit comfortably keeping your back straight.  This is important because doing anything else will almost guarantee that you will fall asleep :-)

Simply listen to the words and immerse yourself in the energy of this loving guided meditation.  That is all you have to do.

If you feel strong emotions of love and a strong feeling of a benevolent presence around you, then you know that this meditation is for you.  

Many users of this guided meditation experience a feeling of release and sometimes shed a tear of joy or two--I know I do.

Most people feel centred and relaxed after the Raja Yoga Meditation Om Shanti. My intent behind this meditation is that it will serve you in the best possible way and help you evolve.

Questions and Comments about the Raja Yoga Meditation

I have just recently created this post as a means of answering questions and reading comments from you.  Please feel free to post here.  I will answer all genuine questions as soon as possible.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Life Of Joe how to pull yourself out of depression and suicidal thoughts

How to pull yourself out of depression and suicidal thoughts.  

Free video about dealing with depression.  Learn how to pull yourself out of depression and anxiety.

The Life Of Joe video episodes intend to provide resources and insights into the lives of people who are dealing with anxiety and depression.

There is so much serious (and ofter boring) material about the topics of mental health and facts about depression.  I wanted to create a series of videos that entertained and amused as well as educate and provide support.

So in these videos you will meet Joe, an average guy experiencing a dull and boring life.  Joe is desperately lonely, and as with all lonely people he is vulnerable to scams and fraudsters ready to take his money.

Joe enrols in a course "How to be happy in 7 days" run by the dubious Guru Loveyourdlollar.

After the first lesson Joe is convinced to do affirmations and visualizations to cause Jenny Simpson, a girl that he likes, to want to be his girlfriend.

What happens next is both surprising and entertaing.  Joe is catapulted in a very serious situation whch causes him to plummet into a deep state of depression and contemplating suicide.

And this is where things start getting better.  Joe attends another class of his "How to be happy in 7 days" course, but Guru Loveyourdollar is misteriously detained.

Back in his office Joe falls deep into a state of agitated depression.  But suddenly, a surprising event happens and Joe's live changes course yet again.

It is mportant that you watch all the videos of the Life of Joe in order.  Each one contains important teachings and subtle processes.  If you miss one you will not get the full benefit from the next video.

Additionally, you will miss out on some of the humour I have injected in the videos. :-)

To make it easier for you to watch the full series, I have grouped all the videos in an archive.  Click on each video from top to bottom.  A new post will open up revealing insights into depression and anxiety symptoms and overcoming social anxiety.

All the videos are free to download and use for non-commercial purposes.  If you want to use the videos commercially contact me using the contact page at

If you have any questions or comments about the How to pull yourself out of depression and suicidal thoughts feel free to post on this blog.  I will get back to you as soon aas possible.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

How to develop your intuition using Source Talk

Developing your intuition using the Source Talk method

Watch the short video and article and practice everyday contemplating on the many ways Higher Intelligence is communicating with you, answering your questions and showing you a better way how to complete tasks.

Many of the students of my healing course are surprised by how simple and easy it is to establish a strong communication with Higher Intelligence based on "facts" rather than "visions".


 The problem with "visions" and "revelations"

The main problem with "visions" and "revelations" and "Angelical messages" is that in most cases the visions are the revelations of an inflated ego craving attention and recognition.

The Internet provides a forum to anyone with a desire for exposure.  This is a wonderful thing.  Of course this also means that anyone (fraud, insane or otherwise) can post revelations and visions.  These are harmless because unless we are dealing with a deranged mind, no harm can come from these "visions" "prophecies" and "revelations".

There are millions of such rantings on the net and they harm no one because they never come to fruition.

The more sinister type of visions and revelations is when they come from a dark energy, earthbound entity or other nasty projection.

We all know that there can be no "evil" without an intelligent mind (human or otherwise) behind it.  Evil needs a host to receive energy.  Without people there can be no evil--it does not exist out there like trees and animals exist.  It is purely man made.

So there are minds out there that will set out to control less evolved people purely because of greed for money or power or both.

These minds will ride on the intuition of people--especially lowly evolved people.  This is because lowly evolved people can be easily manipulated and influenced using their egos.

When a nasty mind takes hold of a person through their psyche (infiltrates the mind) that person becomes a robot, an unwilling marionette.  

The nasty mind uses the person's ego and inflates it with delusions of self-importance and attracts to itself other people of similar or lower evolution. 
A cycle of possession and control has started.  These usually end up badly.  Mass suicides, bizarre cults, dangerous religions that incite murder and slaughter of innocent people, and other lowly evolved people will find themselves attracted to such groups.  

Once a group of this nature has been created it is impossible to stop.  There is no power in this world that can stop this dark process as many superpower government have realized in the past.   No amount of superior military technology can stop an evil mind attracting lowly evolved people to itself.

It is for this reason that I discourage any of my students to trust "visions" and "angelical messages" and most importantly "channeled messages".

This is because no highly evolved being will ever get involved or need to possess a lower evolved being in order to communicate.  That kind of activity is repulsive to highly evolved beings.  It is of no surprise that ALL the scriptures warn against spiritism, occultims and any kind of trance work.

The moment you allow this dark energy in your consciousness you have invited a criminal into your home.  A criminal that will not only refuse to leave.  But one that will also invite all his friends and relatives to infest your mind--and there is little that you can do about that--so don't do it.


 Developing intuition the safe way

 Developing your intuition using the Source Talk method is not only safe.  It is also rewarding and reliable.

This is because when you use the Source Talk, you are entrusting Higher Intelligence to provide you with the guidance and the information that you need in a practical and tangible way.

You will not be receiving "messages" or "visions" or "illuminations".  Higher Intelligence will respond to you using real and factual manifestations in your physical life.

So, for example, let's say that during one of your Source Talk sessions you ask a question about your current financial situation.  You are contemplating taking a second job to increase your salary so that you may bring more money to the family table.

However,  when you do a Source Talk about this you feel a tightening of the chest and a sinking feeling in your heart region, you immediately know that Higher Intelligence is warning you against this ill-conceived idea.

It could be that the second job will get you killed, or that it will lead to the end of your relationship, or that it will lead you to miss out on a promotion in your primary job.   There can be a million reasons why this idea of a second job is just plain bad.


Other manifestations of Source Talk Intuition Method

There is an infinite number of ways that Higher Intelligence uses to communicate with people.  Bodily sensations is usually the most widely used and the one that most people experience (without realizing what is actually taking place).

I am listing some of these.  I am sure you realize that the list is not comprehensive and is perpetually expanding.  Since Higher Intelligence is a lot smarter that we are there are likely to be myriads  of other ways that Higher Intelligence is using that are not known to us.

  • Body related warnings
    • Head (pressure, lightness, a breeze around the face)
    • Throat (tightening, a break in the voice, a gripping feeling)
    • Heart (a sinking feeling of the heart, a heart ache, a heart jump)
    • Stomach (nausea, churning)
    • Skin (a prickly stinging sensation across the face
  •  People 
    • Chance meetings
    • Hearing a comment in passing
    • Receiving or causing a "wrong number" phone call.
    • Bumping on other people
    • Receiving a scolding
    • People being difficult or uncooperative (indicating that you are on the wrong path)
    • A strong disapproval sensation from others (indicating you are in the wrong place)
  •  Events
    • An object falling on your head causing no damage
    • An accident causing minimum injuries (usually these happen when people are not "taking heed")
    • A major accident with no loss of life (same as above)
    • Tripping, falling, bumping on a door (alerting you to an unstable state of mind)
    • Clothing or apparel getting caught on a fixture as you are about to leave your home or attend a meeting.  (Alerting you to exercise caution, or to clear your mind of fear or anxiety)
    • Finding a coin or a banknote
    • Finding a little white feather on your pillow
    • Being inexplicably delayed in traffic or during errands
  • Animals and other
    • A butterfly landing on your hand
    • A bird appearing at your window 
    • Hearing an animal call in a distance
    • A cat or puppy dog appearing at your doorstep
    • A pet appearing nervous and alarmed
I am sure you realize that all of the items listed above are also used for positive reinforcements.  A glad heart, an inexplicable sensation of calmness during extremely dangerous circumstances or difficult life events, and many other such manifestations occur totally unnoticed everyday.
I have chosen to list the "warnings' in detail because these warning usually end up in disaster when ignored--and I know most people do ignore them at great cost.

Examples of Higher Intelligence communicating using intuition

Ever since childhood, I have always had a keen sense of awareness about Source Talk.  On several occasions my ability to "spot" messages from Higher Intelligence saved lives, both my own and that of my school friends and family members.

I also notice these events when they happen in other peoples' lives.  Every day I read or find evidence of Higher Intelligence communicating with people in an effort to help them.  Unfortunately, few people listen.

The two most recent events that are a clear example of Higher Intelligence at work are the following:

  • This one happened during the Tsunami in Indonesia that killed hundred of thousands of people.
    • One survivor recalls how his father had woken him up in his hotel room to invite him to join the family on a beach picnic on that fateful day.

      The young man remembers feels a sensation of nausea in his stomach the moment his father spoke.   He said "I felt as if I was going to throw up".   He remembers refusing the invitation and being rude when his father insisted.  The entire family perished on the beach that day.
  • A more recent event happened when an entire family was inexplicably and repeatedly delayed (first at the hotel and then in traffic).   These unexpected delays cause the family to miss their flight.  They were understandably furious.  However, their fury subsided and quickly turned into gratitude when the flight crashed. 
I intend to add more events to this blog as they occur.   I am also interested in hearing from your experiences.
Pay attention to signs, and use the How To Develop Your Intuition Video every day to free your mind and your psychic abilities so that you may enjoy premonitions and get to know your Creator a little more.



Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Why do I have no peace in my life?

I am receiving an unprecedented number of mail from all over the world all expressing the same concern.

"I am a good person, I care about people and animals, I go to Church, I give to charity as much as I can.  I have not harmed anyone in my life.  Why is it that all these bad things are happening to me?  Why can't I sleep at night?  Why do I have recurring nightmares?  Why do I feel abandoned by God?

The following note contains the main points that I have been including in my answers.


One of the reasons for loss of peace of mind.


You are not the only person experiencing these events. 

At the moment the entire planet is experiencing an unprecedented level of dark energy.  The aim of this energy is to cause a separation between people, the Creator, and the planet itself.  

The other aim is to weaken people and extinguish all hope, because people who have lost hope can be easily controlled.

The only thing that you can do at present is trust that Higher Intelligence knows where you are and who you are.  


Making decisions in a world of turmoil

Make no assumptions about the nature of the turmoil you are experiencing.  Spiritually, make no decisions about what to believe and who to believe, as there is a lot of deception going on at this moment in time. 
I assure you that the Higher Intelligence that created you will make correct action VERY CLEAR to you--in a way that you cannot possibly misjudge. 
The answers and the directions will be right in front of your nose and you will not be able to ignore them.  You will be compelled and driven to take right action, and that is the ONLY TIME to act.
These are times when trust in the Higher Intelligence that created you is the absolute and only way to overcome any current and future turmoil.
You have plenty of evidence around you that the Higher Intelligence that created you is benevolent towards all life on Earth.
You do not need a high IQ to realize that Mother Earth was perfectly engineered by a Higher Intelligence to preserve and sustain life.

It has a shield that protects you from harmful rays, it sustains your life with oxygen, food and water--all essential components of life.
It is illogical and nonsensical to believe that this Higher Intelligence has been overcome and has lost its grip on creation to the dark energies of greed for power and money.
Such dark energies (people) are necessary for the purpose of evolution right now.  When their purpose is fulfilled they will cease to exist. 
At that time the human race will enter a new stage of evolution which will make the current “Dark Ages” appear to be a distant nightmare.
I agree you have a good heart and I can sense that.  But I can also sense that you have an over-reactive imagination :-)  Bring your imagination into line and govern it--do not let it govern you :-)
Practice the Call For World Peace.  You will find it at

How to deal with turmoil and world chaos

Also use the Miracle Prayer Meditation at
Be aware of the fact that you are a sensitive (psychic), and therefore you are able to pick up on the thoughts and energies of others around you.  

So make sure you do not appropriate these energies as your own.
Get involved in a physical exercise program or sport that you enjoy and practice it in moderation.

MOST IMPORTANT:  Do not drink alcohol or use mind-bending drugs.  This is a must.

If you do all these things you will find release and more understanding.  

But I assure you, there cannot be full peace in any of us for as long as there is suffering, injustice, bloodshed, cruelty and disrespect toward Mother Nature, the animals and other people. 
We are all connected by the matrix of life and what one feels the rest of us must also feel.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Call for World Peace a Prayer for World Peace

A Call for World Peace

A new world peace video that can be turned into a prayer for world peace or meditation or chant.

Use this video often, also please distribute it and share it.

This is a very simple video but because of the nature of the asking, it is very powerful and beneficial.

You can read more about this video at where you can download a free video for personal use or distribution.

Visit my Facebook Fan Page for more videos and articles.

Be happy


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Attracting Abundance - The Secret that actually does work

Attracting abundance - The secret that actually does work.

Watch this video at least twice a day: first thing in the morning and just before you go to sleep.  Recite it whenever you feel like and especially when the weakening energies of fear and discouragement knock on your door.
There is nothing to visualize and nothing to force.  No need to squirt the Creator with your power affirmations either.  All you have to do is recite the words and bask in the feelings that they produce. 

One of the remarkable things that you will notice is how little "come back" you will get from your monkey brain (the logical part of your brain).  Instead, of derisive back chatter, most people experience a a sensation of peace, relief, hope and elevated vibrations.

This is because the Abundance Creed is based on truth and well validated teachings rather than the fraudulent and arrogant ramblings of the Law of Attraction.  

Reciting the Creed will bring about events, circumstances and auspicious factors which have the potential of causing you to become more abundant.  Higher Intelligence will not do the work for you--but it will provide you with the opportunities to enrich your life.  It will also attract circumstances that will help you evolve further.

You can download a free copy of this video at

If you have a slow internet connection, allow a few seconds for the video to load below.  Alternatively you can view the video at

Be informed about new videos!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Mirrors - What is Higher Intelligence telling you?

One of the most profound insights that I received during my formative times was how Higher Intelligence provides us powerful guidance through mirroring.

Especially in the current environment of deception and mass manipulation, mirroring is one of the few reliable and indisputable sources of validation that we can have.

So what is the principle of “mirroring”? And why is it so reliable in determining where we are on the scale of evolution?

Before you dart off to the bathroom to look for divine signs on your “visage”, I must advise you that mirroring has nothing to do with looking at your holy reflection in a mirror—sorry about that.

Mirroring refers to the actions of other people. Higher Intelligence consistently provides us feedback on where we are on the path of evolution through the actions of others.

There are several important factors that mirroring can reveal. Some can be arrived at logically; for example, when people get glossy-eyed or place their hands over their noses when you are near them. :-)

Other factors are not as widely known, and they are seldom discussed by those who do know.

Today we will discuss one of these hidden factors and the message that Higher Intelligence is “lovingly” sending you.

1. Judging others and yourself

Are you constantly meeting people who display a particular type of bad behaviour? Are disagreeable people popping up out of the woodwork to haunt you, taunt you and harass you?

This kind of mirroring may be a message that you are judging others (and yourself). 

Source Healing teaches that Hairy legs uses “judgment” as a destructive and weakening weapon against humanity. When we pronounce judgement against another or ourselves we are shutting all the doors to evolution.

A more useful approach to the actions of lowly evolved people is to become “observers” and to take appropriate action dictated by the Real You as quickly as possible.

Hairy Legs and the people it controls suggest that “spiritual” people must not and do not get angry. They “should” sit in a lotus position with a stunned mullet look on their faces, even while acts of incredible evil take place all around them.

My earthly job and my life-time experience have afforded me the privilege of observing (with my own eyes) great spiritual masters and revered religious figures fly into colourful fits of rage. So I am fully satisfied that this “spiritual” teaching is a lie.

So when I write “as quickly as possible” I am suggesting that as human beings we are most likely to experience a human reaction when faced with evil behaviour, a great injustice, or even an act of disrespect.

Anger is a natural reaction, disdain is a natural reaction, and disappointment is a natural reaction. So we must embrace these and understand them as such—not judge them in ourselves or others--and then we can let them go.

The more evolved people become the faster they are able to “let go” of their natural negative reactions.

I have noticed this behaviour in myself. Before meeting my Guides it would take me years to “let go” of anger and resentment and of the need for revenge. 

In fact, I would often take great delight in refusing to let go of the need to inflict greatly “satisfying” acts of “revenge”.

The result was that more and more people came running to replace the people I removed and the acts of “injustice” intensified exponentially.

Today, I find myself letting go of judging others--almost in seconds (well most of the time anyway). And even when I get caught in the trap of judging others I can laugh at my blunder and brush it off—no harm done.

The end result is that I am now rarely faced with obnoxious people. As I look in the “mirror” I now see supportive and like-minded people more and more.

Is this the result of a coincidence? Or a reward for being “good”? Not at all.
I am no more “good” today than I was when I was born. 

And I know that the Creator does not “reward” anybody for “good behaviour”—rather it is evidence of the benefits of evolution.

Mirroring is a powerful tool, a loving tool, with which Higher Intelligence clearly and unequivocally communicates with us.

The Creator does not judge us. Higher Intelligence created us in its own image and knows exactly where we are on the path of evolution.

Through mirroring, the Creator tells us “This is where you are today”.

Behind that loving statement there is a promise that the current state is only temporary.

The fact that you are wanting to read this message, the fact that you are able to grasp its meaning—and that you desire to read more :-) — are all signs that you are on the path of evolution.

So pay attention to what messages Higher Intelligence is sending you through mirroring and you will greatly benefit from your efforts.

We will discuss more “mirroring” secrets in future notes—so please come back 


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Saturday, March 15, 2014

How to deal with sickness, disease and pysical challenges with people and pets

I often receive mail from students of the Source Healing Course and members of the Thereisaway Group asking about how to deal with sickness and disease in both people and pets.   

Our health and the health of our loved ones and our pets is the most significant factor in our lives--everything else comes second.   

So what is the optimum way to react when sickness and disease threatens our lives or lives of our loved ones and pets.


I have been facing challenges with my health, but in my minds eye I am well and healed! When you say, about the need to let it go, as mentally I have let it go, although not yet physically, maybe you can help with this?


Firstly, let me start by saying that it is easy for others to give advice when they are not experiencing health issues or a similar challenge.  Hairy Legs (the nick name I use for the Opponent) is presenting an image in your mind of how you "should be" reacting to this challenge. 

I have personally (with my own eyes) observed Gurus and Great Spiritual Masters react to serious challenges and mishaps and they all scream and shout and get terribly upset with their hapless followers--or in private.  Their red faces match the colour of their robes.  

If you believe in religions, some of the most revered god-like people who walked on earth reacted with fear, anger and even went on to vent with physical assault (by today's standards an indictable offense).

So, for goodness sake, stop listening to Hairy Legs and listen to what the heart is telling you--Hairy is attempting to weaken you and get you to lose faith in yourself.  

The heart tells you that you are in trouble, and that you need help, and you are reaching out for help the best you can and know how.  You are using the tools that you have discovered and you are calling upon Higher Intelligence for help.  That is all that can be asked of a human being.

Now that we are clear of what the first and largest obstacle is, let's explore the rest of your message.

There are two points to answering this.  I do not mean to be disrespectful but I have a lot of problems when people who are experiencing an issue say "I have let go of the issue".  This Law of Attraction dribble is the single most dangerous misinformation being disseminated. It causes people to lie to themselves and to self-deceive.  This, of course, leads to people becoming weaker.

Source Healing teaches that "letting go" means taking responsibility--period.  We teach that challenges come to us because of actions that we have taken which have caused the challenges to arrive at our door step.   When we "let go" we simply take responsibility.  

For example, when dealing with health issues, we say "I know I caused this challenge by doing something that did not serve my body at some stage of my life.  I forgive myself for that because I did not know any better at the time.  Now I am ready to let go and I forgive myself and I  love who I am becoming and I am ready for guidance which I will gladly follow".

The "I let go" of the fraudulent Law of Attraction’s teachings and the thieves that sell it is a different "I let go".  It is an arrogant statement that implies we are "allowing" the Creator to do something because we changed OUR mind.  Such arrogant people behave as if Higher Intelligence is subservient to their whims and thoughts.  Can you see the absurdity?  

The problem with many students of Source Healing is that they bring the fraudulent teachings of the Law of Attraction into the Source Healing course and they mix the two interpretations.  For this reason, I keep reminding students to let go of these treacherous and Hairy ideas and presuppositions, and to come to Source Healing with a clean slate.

So the fact that we are facing a challenge--clearly tells us that we have not let go of it.  Had we really let go of it, we would not be facing it.  Affirming the contrary only weakens us and that is why Hairy Legs is so adamant about the importance of his version of "letting go".


What I have noticed consistently is that people who ask for help will almost invariably resist the guidance they receive.  

Hairy Legs is the king of rebellion and opposition.  Hairy Legs opposes all positive inputs from Higher Intelligence.  The less evolved people are--the more likely they are to fall for the trap of suggestions such as : "it's too hard, it is not practical, it is too difficult, it’s impossible, etc". 

More evolved people will instantly recognize and gratefully embrace the information and promptly ACT on it--and of course they get results.  

Those who are less evolved become easily dissuaded and even end up opposing the favourable changes—and of course they fail miserably causing unnecessary pain and suffering to themselves and the field.

Therefore, do expect increased opposition from Hairy Legs and the people it can easily control during challenging times.  

Depending on where you are on the scale of evolution you will notice this “opposition and rebellion” in yourself—if you do, be grateful.  The fact that you are now able to notice and observe this weakening behaviour means you ARE fast evolving out of this helpless state of vulnerability.  

Hairy reacts to the opportunity of weakening people with the same eagerness and subtlety of an elephant on heat.  So expect people in your immediate environment who are vulnerable to Hairy Legs to display erratic and even surprisingly opposing, negative and rebellious behaviours.  

Make sure not to fall into the equally Hairy behaviour of “judging” those who are so easily influenced.  They too are on the path of evolution—just be grateful you are able to realise what is taking place and act accordingly.


1.  Pay attention to "hints" that Higher Intelligence is sending you. In your understandable distress, you are wailing loudly (which is ok) but all that noise is blocking your ability to see the hints that the Creator is sending you.  The moment you pay attention to "small details" and "slight hints" and "intuitive prompts" you will start discovering new ways to tackle this challenge.

2.  The body is an amazing miraculous machine; it takes many years of abuse to get it to malfunction.  When that does happen, it also takes a certain amount of time for it to heal.  We must also accept that, as we grow older, the healing time increases.  However, growing older does not mean inability to heal--that is a Hairy Legs’ misinformation.  My 74-year old Aikido Master could kick my butt with ease and without skipping a breath--no matter how good I became at the martial art in question.

In my many years of observing thousands of people, (and my own life), I have noticed that the primary reasons why our health (and the health of our pets) suffer are
·       bad food,
·       dehydration,
·       lack of adequate rest,
·       lack of exercise,
·       stress,
·       and the presence of psychic vampires in the immediate environment.

People and animals in remote (so called primitive) cultures are mostly free of the above aspects.  They generally enjoy good health right until the very moment they are ready to cross over and evolve further.

When such cultures come into contact with “modern” society, they too rapidly succumb to the common diseases and challenges—perhaps even more rapidly and more severely than their “civilised” counterparts.

It is true that it is almost impossible for western people to remove all of the above factors in the list, but we can certainly remove some of the most damaging ones.   Food, hydration, exercise and adequate rest are some of these.

If your body (or your pet's body) is attempting to heal you MUST eliminate all processed foods from the diet.   Eat only whole foods (foods that do not come in packets).   Drink more water, provide gentle regular exercise (even bed-ridden people can exercise), ensure proper rest time.  The more severe the crisis, the more urgent is the need to act.

It will be necessary for you to wean yourself (or your pet) from packaged food and harmful chemically and additives laden foods.  So plan to do so over a four week period or longer—check with your dietician or licensed health practitioner (some medical practitioners are more informed than others when it comes to the importance of nutrition—so choose one who is informed and interested in this essential component of maintaining and regaining good health).

Keep monitoring for changes and for signals from your body.  If, what you are doing is in accordance with your body’s needs you will experience some kind of benefit.  The intensity of the benefit will match the appropriateness of your action.  So if what you are doing is in 100% accordance with your body’s needs—you will experience significant benefits, (or if dealing with a pet’s health challenge, you will observe remarkable improvements.)

You can also ask for a free distant healing at the Free Distant Healing dedicated website. 

Be informed about new videos, audios and posts!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Is there proof that Higher Intelligence created us?

Hi, that’s a great question. 

The energy behind the question is good so I will answer it :-)
The presence of a Higher Intelligence is unquestionable.  When I look at the PC that I am using, and at all its intricate circuits I KNOW an intelligent being or beings created it.  It is clear to me that the PC, the screen and the keyboard did not “just happen”.

When I look at the human brain, eyes and hands which can perform tasks that no computer can ever “dream” of, :-) I KNOW a Higher Intelligence designed them and created them.  You don’t need a high IQ to grasp that point.

The question of the existence of “unconditional love” on this planet is a separate question and it has nothing to do with the existence of a Higher Intelligence.  It has all to do with the evolution of each individual.

The more evolved people become, and the more able they are to see and feel and even give some form of “unconditional love”.

More evolved people have an instinctive love for Creation and their fellow beings and creatures. 

This is not a “quality” that can be forced.  It comes as the result of evolution—you either have it or you don’t.  

More evolved people are less likely to be affected by lower vibrations such as “fear, anger, selfishness”.

So it is not a question of being “bad” or “good”—there is no such a thing as “bad” or “good” people under the sun.  There are either more evolved people or less evolved people.  By what they do, you know who they are.

I sense that you care about the field and so I trust you will instantly grasp what I am writing about.

Higher Intelligence is just that--Higher Intelligence, it is neither a cosmic nanny that caters to our whims, nor a nasty, neurotic bastard that gets you when you “sin”. 

Lowly evolved people attribute these qualities to Higher Intelligence because these ideas serve them well—or serve their purpose for control and manipulation of the masses.

There is no denying that at present we live in a world that has both lowly evolved and higher evolved people in it.  The senseless acts of cruelty towards people, animals and creation clearly demonstrate this.

Moreover, you get to “hear” more from the lowly evolved because they are capable of making a lot of noise :-).  The Internet and electronic communication makes it easy for lowly evolved people to “speak” louder than ever before.

More evolved people are generally quieter.  They only speak when there is a valid purpose.  The more evolved people are, and the less likely you are to “see” them--but their effect on the field is significant.

If you focus your mind on finding evidence of loving, unselfish and kind people, you will find them everywhere on this planet.  They are harder to find because they are “quieter”, but they are there.

I sense that you would like to see a world that is filled with kindness and fairness and love.   I too share that intense desire and I firmly believe that this state of being for the human race is the ultimate state—which will come as a result of evolution.  And I firmly believe that we are fast moving towards that state.

You may have noticed that, for the first time in the history of mankind, there is a VAST demarcation between those who are more evolved (and able to function in a world of cooperation, fairness, respect and love), and those who are less evolved (and who are motivated by selfishness, greed, and hatred--all these low energies being the children of fear).

This clear state of demarcation between the two types of people is a definite “signpost”.  The Ancients left us precise codes about these “signposts”.  These can be found in all the Scriptures, The Kabbalah, and the TAO.  Their meaning is apparent to those who “have ears to hear”.

Ultimately, suffice it to say that I am an optimist.  My personal experiences, my observations and the information I have gathered--all lead me to believe that the Higher Intelligence that created us has not lost grip of creation, and that Higher Intelligence has a very definite plan for the evolution of mankind.

But of course I could be wrong :-) and if I am wrong then we are all well and truly screwed.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Raja Yoga Guided Meditation | Words and explanation of the Raja Yoga Meditation

It seems that my Raja Yoga Meditation is becoming more and more popular.  I have been getting a few E-mail asking about the wording of the meditation and its meanings.

I have included a description of this meditation in the video information, but is seems that it is being missed, so here it is again :-)

If after reading this explanation you have more questions, feel free to ask them here.  Please be patient :-)

The Raja Yoga Meditation is the very first recording I made.  I received the words from BK Anthony Strano, a Raja Yoga monk I met on the path.  Meeting BK Strano felt like reuniting with a long lost brother.

The sound track is very poor and the recording studio was not  the best :-) but the energy behind this recording transcends all that.

Many aspects of my spiritual life have changed since, but the desire for connection and closeness with the Higher Intelligence that created me has not changed--this meditation is all about connection.

Raja Yoga explores the connection between Higher Intelligence and Creation.  In this meditation you will hear the word "Baba" which means "Father".

The Raja Yoga meditation is nondenominational.  The concept of a Creator or Higher Intelligence exists in all philosophies and belief systems.


"But Baba

To be with You


Has been my goal

My destination
I have come
To the end of my journey"

This passage simply means that being aligned with the Creator is the ultimate of all experiences and that there is nothing else that the Soul desires more than achieving this spiritual union with the Creator.

Please note that the word "Baba" means Father.  

"I only have to be with You
I only have to know You
And I know all
I understand
The significance
Of all that
Which has occurred in the past
I can see the future
Absolutely clearly
I know now
What I must do
In the present

This passage implies that by aligning with the mind of Higher Intelligence, people receive powerful insights about the very nature of creation.  Of course, this depends solely on your level of evolution.  The more evolved you become and the more information you are able to receive.

Just as with human relationships, you would not discuss algebra and physics with a two year old (well at least most two year olds :-)).

This passage does not imply that by doing Raja Yoga you get psychic abilities or the lotto numbers for the next game.   You might get these depending of where you are on the path :-) I believe everything is possible and I have learned to not discount anything or try to predict the actions of Higher Intelligence.

The Raja Yoga meditation is a wonderful "starter" for people who have had no experience with spirituality.  It has the power to connect you with Higher Intelligence and is based purely on Love and the experience of Love.  


OM Shanti

All thoughts turn within

I realise that I am a Soul

A spark of Light

In the centre of the forehead

A shining star

Radiating Light

And Energy

Throughout the physical costume

The instrument

All this energy

Now focuses on itself

I the Soul

Have taken this costume

To play a role

When I choose

I use this body

When I so desire

I can step away

From this costume


I step away

I see my body

Separate to myself

Without the limitations

Of my physical costume

I am able to fly

I move through space

Beyond the sun

The moon

The stars

I find myself

In the world of Light

Golden Red Light

All around

I remember now

This is my home

This is the world

That I left

So long ago

I have come home again

From here

I look down

I see the earth

Spread below me

I see the actors

On the stage

Each playing

A different role

Yet I am here


From the stage

I have left behind

My variety roles

I am here

In my original form

I the soul

In this world

There is only silence

Only peace

I am drawn by a Light

I am called by a magnet

I come close

To a spark of Light


So much Light

That it is an ocean


Is the Incorporeal

The Supreme

Amongst all Souls

This is my Father

This is Baba

I come closer

And closer to Baba

I am part

Of the ocean of Light

The Soul

Has left the darkness behind

And now

There is nothing but Light

As my Father fills me with His Light

I realise that He is also

My Supreme Teacher

For this Light

Is the Light of Knowledge

The Light of wisdom


I have forgotten my Father

I have forgotten You

I have forgotten my home

You now remind me

Of all this

You fill me

With the wisdom

That gives me the understanding

Of You

The Creator

And the whole story of Creation

From the beginning

Through the middle

To its conclusion

For You are the seed

The Creator

Within You is the knowledge

Of all creation

I only have to be with You

I only have to know You

And I know all

I understand

The significance

Of all that

Which has occurred in the past

I can see the future

Absolutely clearly

I know now

What I must do

In the present

As I feel

Baba’s Light

And his Might

I also discover

That Baba

Is the ocean of love

I take this love

That I have thirsted for

For so long

This is the love

That is eternal

This is the love

Of the Ocean of Light

This is the love

That does not see

My weakness

But gives me the strength

To overcome all weaknesses

This is the love

Of my merciful Mother


My sweet Mother

Cleanses the Soul

As the waves of love

Wash the Soul

All the impurities

Are left behind

I emerge


By this love

There is no more



Or jealousy

There is nothing but Love

The essence of love

I realise

That this is how

I must have been before

Pure and clean

I realise

That purity

Was my original state


In the presence of Baba

I reclaim

My lost property

I the Soul

Become the essence of purity

And now

That I am clean

And pure

I discover

Perfect peace

Within myself

I the Soul

I am the essence of peace

My home

Is the land of silence

Of peace

My Father

Is the Ocean of peace

As I absorb

The Light

And the love

The purity and the peace

I see

That I have become

Filled with power

And strength


The Almighty

Has filled me with His Light

His strength

Nothing which is weak

Remains anymore

As I come closer and closer

To Baba

I observe Baba

Radiate all his qualities

Into the world

I see clearly

Baba’s work

Of transformation

Taking place

I experience Baba creating

Purity and peace

Baba destroying

All that is unrighteous

And evil

For my Baba

This beloved Father of mine

Is not only my Father alone

My sweet Baba is the unlimited

The Father of all mankind

This Father is Shiv Baba

The benefactor of all mankind


The liberator of all mankind


Here in my home

With Baba

I am in the world of liberation



And all bondages

Have been left behind

Baba has liberated me

And the Soul

Become an instrument

For Baba’s Light

And his might

To radiate into the world


And purity

Are being spread

So that all mankind

May receive

Even the very elements of nature

Are being filled with that purity

So that they too

May be peaceful

Baba prepares me

For the new world

Baba crowns me

With His Light

So that I may be worthy

To come in His Kingdom

Of heaven on earth

There will be a heaven on earth

But Baba

To be with You


Has been my goal

My destination

I have come

To the end of my journey

You have given me

Perfect bliss

There is nothing more

That I desire

All desires

Are not satisfied

For now I have You near me

I am with You

The Supreme


Is the supreme amongst all unions

This is the union

By which You prepare me

To be a sovereign

A king

The only desire

That now remains

Is to be with You

Here in my home

To be filled with the experience

Of all your attributes

Of all my relationships

With You

My one

My only

My sweet Baba

You are my Father

My Mother

My Teacher

My Guru

My Liberator

My Beloved

The Soul

Stays here

In the Supreme Light

With the Supreme Soul.

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