Sunday, February 16, 2014

Using affirmations

I get a lot of mail about affirmations and how to use them.

The first rule about affirmations is that you "can never fool yourself".

The most practical test for selecting appropriate affirmations is the "shriek test".

Write down your affirmation, now repeat it aloud.  Does your mind recoil in horror?  Does your heart sink? Do you feel a weakening sensation?  Or worse still, do you hear uncontrollable laughter or derision in your mind?

That is your clear sign that the affirmation you wrote is not only inappropriate but it is also greatly damaging.   This is because the affirmation is energizing the opposite belief that you have about the subject.

This is the reason why, wherever the insane teachings of the Merchants of the Law of Attraction have proliferated, great economic powers have been reduced to bankruptcy.  People are literally being taught to energize the opposite of what they want in their lives.

As a result of the teachings of the Merchants of the Law of Attraction, millions of people have lost all belief in themselves.  That is the real tragedy, because when people lose hope and faith in themselves, they can be easily manipulated.

The fact is that if a person with a poverty mindset affirms wealth, that person will get more poverty--there is no escaping this truth because it is how creation works.

People are all at different levels of evolution.  The more evolved a human being is, the more "self-empowering beliefs" that human being will have.

Achievers do not "affirm"--they "do".  They have an inner belief that drives them on and causes them to overcome all challenges until they succeed.

So, are affirmations and visualizations a waste of time?  No, if you use them correctly.  Let me give you an example.

Let us say that you are affected by a scarcity mentality, a poverty mind set program.  

The symptoms of that will be: scarcity, constant anxiety about money, inability to get out of debt, unfortunate recurring events that cause you to lose money.

If this is you, then realize that this scarcity mindset is a program that you inherited from your significant people around you.  It is not a "fault" of your own and it has nothing to do with "intelligence" or "abilities".  

There are hundreds of thousands of incredibly foolish and bizarre people who are multimillionaires; and there are also incredibly talented and intelligent people who are in abject poverty.

So how do we "affirm" wealth if our mind is unwilling to accept it?

The answer is incredibly simple (all useful concepts are simple).

Formalize your affirmation in such a way that it will not challenge your beliefs.

Your mind is absolutely certain that you will never be wealthy :-)  

but your mind is not going to deny the fact that there is incredible wealth all around you.

So affirming "There is infinite wealth all around me" is unlikely to cause too much grief to your poverty mindset.  In fact it is likely to escape scrutiny.  After all, it is an undeniable truth--there is infinite abundance all around you.

Get onto the Internet, fire up the Bing search engine and type in "wealth".  Look at all the images that appear.   Gaze at all the images and repeat your affirmation.  "There is infinite wealth all around me"

Stay with that feeling of wealth.  Do not try to visualize yourself as being wealthy, as doing so will send alarm signals to your mind and it will sabotage the process.

Simply savour the feelings of great wealth,  sense how good it feels.  Human beings were created to appreciate beauty and elegance and plenty.  Take a look at creation, and you will see ample evidence of that.   Poverty and scarcity is the result of greed--they are diseases.

After a while it will no longer be necessary to use the full affirmation--condense it to just one word "wealth".

Affirming on location.   

Go to a luxurious hotel, or any place of great opulence and elegance.   Most five star hotels have coffee shops and bars.  Sip your coffee or non-alcoholic drink and absorb the feeling of "wealth".   Repeat the word "wealth" calmly in your mind.  Simply absorb the "feeling" of wealth.

Use the affirmation with feelings.  Do not fall into the error of repeating the word mechanically.  Use it during down times, when waiting at traffic lights, or while waiting in line.

After a while the concept of "wealth" and "unlimited wealth" will begin percolating into your consciousness.

This will gently cause your mind to start to 'believe" that there is enough wealth for everyone and that you too have the right to be wealthy, abundant and happy.

Once your mind has accepted this new truth, you will see the results.  They will come quickly and unexpectedly.  Your mind will tap in opportunities and will cause you to be at the right place, at the right time.  It will begin feeding you with information on how to contribute to other people's lives and on how to create products and services that improve people's lives--and then wealth will come.

You can use this concept with all other aspects of your human experience: love, self-confidence, weight loss, for your mind controls them all.

Be well


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  1. my issue is to get wealthy and healthy. please let me know how to use and which affirmations to use.