Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Why do I have no peace in my life?

I am receiving an unprecedented number of mail from all over the world all expressing the same concern.

"I am a good person, I care about people and animals, I go to Church, I give to charity as much as I can.  I have not harmed anyone in my life.  Why is it that all these bad things are happening to me?  Why can't I sleep at night?  Why do I have recurring nightmares?  Why do I feel abandoned by God?

The following note contains the main points that I have been including in my answers.


One of the reasons for loss of peace of mind.


You are not the only person experiencing these events. 

At the moment the entire planet is experiencing an unprecedented level of dark energy.  The aim of this energy is to cause a separation between people, the Creator, and the planet itself.  

The other aim is to weaken people and extinguish all hope, because people who have lost hope can be easily controlled.

The only thing that you can do at present is trust that Higher Intelligence knows where you are and who you are.  


Making decisions in a world of turmoil

Make no assumptions about the nature of the turmoil you are experiencing.  Spiritually, make no decisions about what to believe and who to believe, as there is a lot of deception going on at this moment in time. 
I assure you that the Higher Intelligence that created you will make correct action VERY CLEAR to you--in a way that you cannot possibly misjudge. 
The answers and the directions will be right in front of your nose and you will not be able to ignore them.  You will be compelled and driven to take right action, and that is the ONLY TIME to act.
These are times when trust in the Higher Intelligence that created you is the absolute and only way to overcome any current and future turmoil.
You have plenty of evidence around you that the Higher Intelligence that created you is benevolent towards all life on Earth.
You do not need a high IQ to realize that Mother Earth was perfectly engineered by a Higher Intelligence to preserve and sustain life.

It has a shield that protects you from harmful rays, it sustains your life with oxygen, food and water--all essential components of life.
It is illogical and nonsensical to believe that this Higher Intelligence has been overcome and has lost its grip on creation to the dark energies of greed for power and money.
Such dark energies (people) are necessary for the purpose of evolution right now.  When their purpose is fulfilled they will cease to exist. 
At that time the human race will enter a new stage of evolution which will make the current “Dark Ages” appear to be a distant nightmare.
I agree you have a good heart and I can sense that.  But I can also sense that you have an over-reactive imagination :-)  Bring your imagination into line and govern it--do not let it govern you :-)
Practice the Call For World Peace.  You will find it at http://www.thereisaway.org

How to deal with turmoil and world chaos

Also use the Miracle Prayer Meditation at http://www.thereisaway.org/meditation.htm
Be aware of the fact that you are a sensitive (psychic), and therefore you are able to pick up on the thoughts and energies of others around you.  

So make sure you do not appropriate these energies as your own.
Get involved in a physical exercise program or sport that you enjoy and practice it in moderation.

MOST IMPORTANT:  Do not drink alcohol or use mind-bending drugs.  This is a must.

If you do all these things you will find release and more understanding.  

But I assure you, there cannot be full peace in any of us for as long as there is suffering, injustice, bloodshed, cruelty and disrespect toward Mother Nature, the animals and other people. 
We are all connected by the matrix of life and what one feels the rest of us must also feel.

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