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How to develop your intuition using Source Talk

Developing your intuition using the Source Talk method

Watch the short video and article and practice everyday contemplating on the many ways Higher Intelligence is communicating with you, answering your questions and showing you a better way how to complete tasks.

Many of the students of my healing course are surprised by how simple and easy it is to establish a strong communication with Higher Intelligence based on "facts" rather than "visions".


 The problem with "visions" and "revelations"

The main problem with "visions" and "revelations" and "Angelical messages" is that in most cases the visions are the revelations of an inflated ego craving attention and recognition.

The Internet provides a forum to anyone with a desire for exposure.  This is a wonderful thing.  Of course this also means that anyone (fraud, insane or otherwise) can post revelations and visions.  These are harmless because unless we are dealing with a deranged mind, no harm can come from these "visions" "prophecies" and "revelations".

There are millions of such rantings on the net and they harm no one because they never come to fruition.

The more sinister type of visions and revelations is when they come from a dark energy, earthbound entity or other nasty projection.

We all know that there can be no "evil" without an intelligent mind (human or otherwise) behind it.  Evil needs a host to receive energy.  Without people there can be no evil--it does not exist out there like trees and animals exist.  It is purely man made.

So there are minds out there that will set out to control less evolved people purely because of greed for money or power or both.

These minds will ride on the intuition of people--especially lowly evolved people.  This is because lowly evolved people can be easily manipulated and influenced using their egos.

When a nasty mind takes hold of a person through their psyche (infiltrates the mind) that person becomes a robot, an unwilling marionette.  

The nasty mind uses the person's ego and inflates it with delusions of self-importance and attracts to itself other people of similar or lower evolution. 
A cycle of possession and control has started.  These usually end up badly.  Mass suicides, bizarre cults, dangerous religions that incite murder and slaughter of innocent people, and other lowly evolved people will find themselves attracted to such groups.  

Once a group of this nature has been created it is impossible to stop.  There is no power in this world that can stop this dark process as many superpower government have realized in the past.   No amount of superior military technology can stop an evil mind attracting lowly evolved people to itself.

It is for this reason that I discourage any of my students to trust "visions" and "angelical messages" and most importantly "channeled messages".

This is because no highly evolved being will ever get involved or need to possess a lower evolved being in order to communicate.  That kind of activity is repulsive to highly evolved beings.  It is of no surprise that ALL the scriptures warn against spiritism, occultims and any kind of trance work.

The moment you allow this dark energy in your consciousness you have invited a criminal into your home.  A criminal that will not only refuse to leave.  But one that will also invite all his friends and relatives to infest your mind--and there is little that you can do about that--so don't do it.


 Developing intuition the safe way

 Developing your intuition using the Source Talk method is not only safe.  It is also rewarding and reliable.

This is because when you use the Source Talk, you are entrusting Higher Intelligence to provide you with the guidance and the information that you need in a practical and tangible way.

You will not be receiving "messages" or "visions" or "illuminations".  Higher Intelligence will respond to you using real and factual manifestations in your physical life.

So, for example, let's say that during one of your Source Talk sessions you ask a question about your current financial situation.  You are contemplating taking a second job to increase your salary so that you may bring more money to the family table.

However,  when you do a Source Talk about this you feel a tightening of the chest and a sinking feeling in your heart region, you immediately know that Higher Intelligence is warning you against this ill-conceived idea.

It could be that the second job will get you killed, or that it will lead to the end of your relationship, or that it will lead you to miss out on a promotion in your primary job.   There can be a million reasons why this idea of a second job is just plain bad.


Other manifestations of Source Talk Intuition Method

There is an infinite number of ways that Higher Intelligence uses to communicate with people.  Bodily sensations is usually the most widely used and the one that most people experience (without realizing what is actually taking place).

I am listing some of these.  I am sure you realize that the list is not comprehensive and is perpetually expanding.  Since Higher Intelligence is a lot smarter that we are there are likely to be myriads  of other ways that Higher Intelligence is using that are not known to us.

  • Body related warnings
    • Head (pressure, lightness, a breeze around the face)
    • Throat (tightening, a break in the voice, a gripping feeling)
    • Heart (a sinking feeling of the heart, a heart ache, a heart jump)
    • Stomach (nausea, churning)
    • Skin (a prickly stinging sensation across the face
  •  People 
    • Chance meetings
    • Hearing a comment in passing
    • Receiving or causing a "wrong number" phone call.
    • Bumping on other people
    • Receiving a scolding
    • People being difficult or uncooperative (indicating that you are on the wrong path)
    • A strong disapproval sensation from others (indicating you are in the wrong place)
  •  Events
    • An object falling on your head causing no damage
    • An accident causing minimum injuries (usually these happen when people are not "taking heed")
    • A major accident with no loss of life (same as above)
    • Tripping, falling, bumping on a door (alerting you to an unstable state of mind)
    • Clothing or apparel getting caught on a fixture as you are about to leave your home or attend a meeting.  (Alerting you to exercise caution, or to clear your mind of fear or anxiety)
    • Finding a coin or a banknote
    • Finding a little white feather on your pillow
    • Being inexplicably delayed in traffic or during errands
  • Animals and other
    • A butterfly landing on your hand
    • A bird appearing at your window 
    • Hearing an animal call in a distance
    • A cat or puppy dog appearing at your doorstep
    • A pet appearing nervous and alarmed
I am sure you realize that all of the items listed above are also used for positive reinforcements.  A glad heart, an inexplicable sensation of calmness during extremely dangerous circumstances or difficult life events, and many other such manifestations occur totally unnoticed everyday.
I have chosen to list the "warnings' in detail because these warning usually end up in disaster when ignored--and I know most people do ignore them at great cost.

Examples of Higher Intelligence communicating using intuition

Ever since childhood, I have always had a keen sense of awareness about Source Talk.  On several occasions my ability to "spot" messages from Higher Intelligence saved lives, both my own and that of my school friends and family members.

I also notice these events when they happen in other peoples' lives.  Every day I read or find evidence of Higher Intelligence communicating with people in an effort to help them.  Unfortunately, few people listen.

The two most recent events that are a clear example of Higher Intelligence at work are the following:

  • This one happened during the Tsunami in Indonesia that killed hundred of thousands of people.
    • One survivor recalls how his father had woken him up in his hotel room to invite him to join the family on a beach picnic on that fateful day.

      The young man remembers feels a sensation of nausea in his stomach the moment his father spoke.   He said "I felt as if I was going to throw up".   He remembers refusing the invitation and being rude when his father insisted.  The entire family perished on the beach that day.
  • A more recent event happened when an entire family was inexplicably and repeatedly delayed (first at the hotel and then in traffic).   These unexpected delays cause the family to miss their flight.  They were understandably furious.  However, their fury subsided and quickly turned into gratitude when the flight crashed. 
I intend to add more events to this blog as they occur.   I am also interested in hearing from your experiences.
Pay attention to signs, and use the How To Develop Your Intuition Video every day to free your mind and your psychic abilities so that you may enjoy premonitions and get to know your Creator a little more.



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