Sunday, June 11, 2017

Raja Yoga Meditation Om Shanti

Raja Yoga Meditation Om Shanti

The Raja Yoga Meditation Om Shanti is a guided meditation anyone can do.  In this meditation, I refer to the Creator as "Baba".  Baba is an endearing word meaning father.   

This is my first guided meditation I recorded.  I am pretty sure you will feel the sincere love I felt for the Creator.  

I had just learned that the Creator was unconditional love--far from the neurotic, vindictive and cruel God I was taught to believe as a child.  

This Baba was a loving teacher helping me evolve further and right alongside me on the path of life.

Raja Yoga Meditation Om Shanti Instruction

Go to a private, quiet place.  Switch off your phone and sit comfortably keeping your back straight.  This is important because doing anything else will almost guarantee that you will fall asleep :-)

Simply listen to the words and immerse yourself in the energy of this loving guided meditation.  That is all you have to do.

If you feel strong emotions of love and a strong feeling of a benevolent presence around you, then you know that this meditation is for you.  

Many users of this guided meditation experience a feeling of release and sometimes shed a tear of joy or two--I know I do.

Most people feel centred and relaxed after the Raja Yoga Meditation Om Shanti. My intent behind this meditation is that it will serve you in the best possible way and help you evolve.

Questions and Comments about the Raja Yoga Meditation

I have just recently created this post as a means of answering questions and reading comments from you.  Please feel free to post here.  I will answer all genuine questions as soon as possible.

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