Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Life Of Joe how to pull yourself out of depression and suicidal thoughts

How to pull yourself out of depression and suicidal thoughts.  

Free video about dealing with depression.  Learn how to pull yourself out of depression and anxiety.

The Life Of Joe video episodes intend to provide resources and insights into the lives of people who are dealing with anxiety and depression.

There is so much serious (and ofter boring) material about the topics of mental health and facts about depression.  I wanted to create a series of videos that entertained and amused as well as educate and provide support.

So in these videos you will meet Joe, an average guy experiencing a dull and boring life.  Joe is desperately lonely, and as with all lonely people he is vulnerable to scams and fraudsters ready to take his money.

Joe enrols in a course "How to be happy in 7 days" run by the dubious Guru Loveyourdlollar.

After the first lesson Joe is convinced to do affirmations and visualizations to cause Jenny Simpson, a girl that he likes, to want to be his girlfriend.

What happens next is both surprising and entertaing.  Joe is catapulted in a very serious situation whch causes him to plummet into a deep state of depression and contemplating suicide.

And this is where things start getting better.  Joe attends another class of his "How to be happy in 7 days" course, but Guru Loveyourdollar is misteriously detained.

Back in his office Joe falls deep into a state of agitated depression.  But suddenly, a surprising event happens and Joe's live changes course yet again.

It is mportant that you watch all the videos of the Life of Joe in order.  Each one contains important teachings and subtle processes.  If you miss one you will not get the full benefit from the next video.

Additionally, you will miss out on some of the humour I have injected in the videos. :-)

To make it easier for you to watch the full series, I have grouped all the videos in an archive.  Click on each video from top to bottom.  A new post will open up revealing insights into depression and anxiety symptoms and overcoming social anxiety.

All the videos are free to download and use for non-commercial purposes.  If you want to use the videos commercially contact me using the contact page at

If you have any questions or comments about the How to pull yourself out of depression and suicidal thoughts feel free to post on this blog.  I will get back to you as soon aas possible.

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