Monday, February 17, 2014

Thereisaway YouTube Channel

Hello everyone,

Last week, YouTube took down the Thereisaway Channel without notice and without explanation. 

On Thursday I received notice of 50 more subscribers, and on Friday the channel disappeared. 

With it went over 9,000 subscribers and 3,500,000 views and 10 years of playlists.

Attempting to contact Google has been an impossibility.  To this day I have no idea why the channel was taken down after 10 years of operation.  

I have never violated Google's rules and have always made sure to either purchase royalty free music or obtain permission from the musicians involved.

It appears I am not the only channel that mysteriously disappeared.   I have since received mail from other aggrieved legitimate producers who had their channels deleted because of the actions of trolls and ignorant Google employees.  

As in my case there was no appeal possible and no point of contact possible.

Whenever I am met with such demonic events I know that behind them there are great opportunities for growth. Years ago I would have exploded like a nuclear bomb, today, thanks to my training, it is a different story.

Already I have found new resources and amazing opportunities.  I have discovered new avenues that will serve me very well indeed.

It is clear to me that YouTube is no longer a reliable channel for my work so I will not be uploading any new videos there.  I will keep the current videos online.  Many people use my meds daily and I have been asked to leave the videos online.  

I have created a new free meditations channel on YouTube, many of my previous subscribers are using it to resubscribe. 

I am unable to contact my subscriber's list since I no longer have access to the channel.  I know that many of my subscribers visit

I am planning to release a new series of free brain entrainment and self-hypnosis videos which will enrich people's lives.  I will not be making these available on YouTube.

I am getting a lot of mail from my YouTube subscribers wondering what happened. Many of them used the videos and meditations on a daily basis. Some of these people find the meds useful to help with anxiety and panic attacks and the disappearance of the channel has caused a lot of anxiety.

I have set up a Thereisaway Fan Page and for those who do not like Facebook I have set up a Tweeter account.

I will always tweet when I upload a new video or new article.

For those of you who want to register you can do so below.

Be informed about new videos!
I take the opportunity to thank all my YouTube subscribers for their loyalty.  The old YouTube was a wonderful tool, Google's YouTube is a nightmare and it is time to move on.

I wish you a miraculous day


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