Saturday, February 22, 2014

Where are my Guides? Where have my Guides gone?

Help I have been abandoned! Where have my Guides gone?

I have already discussed “The Dark Night of the Soul” in a previous note. 

That note dealt with the momentary experience, typically lasting a few days, when the Spiritual Guides take a step back and “turn the lights off”, leaving their hapless charges (us) floundering about in the dark.  

This can be a disconcerting experience, especially when it happens for the first time. 

People who have developed a good communication line with their Spiritual Guides relish the warm and cosy feeling it produces.  The sensation is similar to the comforting presence we feel when our loved ones are at home with us, perhaps not in the same room, but nearby nonetheless.

We also discussed that being aligned and connected is a “feeling” state, and is devoid of the “mental chatter” experienced by the delusional and the mentally ill.

However, this note is not about the Dark Night of the Soul. 

This note is about the feeling of total abandonment.  This is not a temporary experience--it really does feel terminal.   One moment you are happily aligned with your beloved and trusty Spiritual Guides, the next moment—nothing!

People who have not received the training and do not have support stand no chance--and they fall away. 

I have seen this happen in the lives of many people, even in the lives of so called “advanced spiritual masters and gurus”. 

For the uninformed, it can be a horrifying experience to observe a previously aligned and well-connected individual literally “fall apart”.

Of course, we all know that the people who “fall from the path” will eventually return to the path much wiser, perhaps many lives from now; nonetheless, when you are new to witnessing these disturbing events it can deeply affect your VES.

This is where good training comes in handy.  In fact this is where good training is a life saver.

During your formative times, your Guides will work relentlessly to make sure that you are well equipped to deal with all the different challenges which they know you will encounter on the path.

At the time, you may not realise your Guide’s objectives and how they are going about achieving these objectives; but you can be assured that they are working to a methodical and supremely intelligent plan.

Your Spiritual Guides “know you” intimately.  They know your strengths which were accumulated through previous life experiences. 

They also know the current limitations and the insane programs you received during your childhood. 

Contrary to the ridiculous teachings about Spiritual Guides, Angels, Fairies, Goblins and other flying spiritual buzzards, real Spiritual Guides have no interest whatsoever in your ego-driven issues. 

Their only mandate is to get you to evolve.  They have no regard whatsoever for your ego-driven whims, passions, dreams and aspirations. 

If it helps you evolve, they will act as cosmic nannies; but they will fulfil that role only for as long as it is necessary.

At the same time they will relentlessly work towards raising you to a level of consciousness where you no longer need props, wailing walls and walking sticks.

Human beings that are weak and vulnerable to emotional blackmail, psychic vampires and all the other devilish manipulations and deceptions that are so abundant during the current “Dark Ages”, are of no use whatsoever to themselves or the field.

And, especially during these current transitional times, it is essential for all of us to “be of use to the field” or, at least, be willing to be of use to the field.  Contemplate on these words carefully.

Loving, well-adjusted parents meticulously provide for their children.  The caring begins during pregnancy by correct nutrition and appropriate choice of environment—vibrational and physical. 

After the child is born, and for many years thereon, the level of care will be intense to ensure that the infant will be ready spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally to deal with all the challenges that life is likely to deliver.

Then, when the individual is a mature adult, the parents let go.  The young adult continues the journey fully equipped to deal with life--fully able to rapidly move forth on the path of evolution. 

At that moment, the consciousness and real purpose of the individual begins to emerge and develop in its full splendour. 

The same relationship exists with Spiritual Guides.  Their job is to nurture us, protect us and guide us during our formative times.

Their ultimate aim is to fully enable us to distinguish between the vibrations emanated by the Light and the vibrations that come from other sources.

Once that task is achieved, they retreat: so that we may fully develop our consciousness and fulfil our purpose—which is evolution.

In the matrix of life we can never be “abandoned” for we are intrinsically part of the field and it is not possible to be separated from the field.

So our Spiritual Guides will always be there.  Indeed, at times they may even re-emerge momentarily, but their influence will be very subtle and non-intrusive. 

When your time comes to be “let go”, you will totally rely on your training and on your observation skills and on your intuition. 

You will also observe Higher Intelligence actively influencing events and circumstances in your life that will provide clear and unambiguous directions. 

There will be less uncertainty in your life because guidance will manifest in a tangible manner—it will manifest in the outer world. 

You will also experience an unprecedented level of “faith”.  No matter how dismal the circumstances may appear to be, there will always be a reassuring sensation within you. 

There is no telling what Spiritual Guides will do.  All human beings have different needs and different motives for walking the path.  However, there is one “truth” on which we can all rely… 

Higher Intelligence is benevolent towards us.  Nothing ever happens as the result of “punishment” or “retribution”.  All the significant events that happen in our lives take place because they are the shortest and the most effective way to help us evolve.
PS:  It can take many years of training and many lifetimes before Spiritual Guides “let you go”.  You will also experience no anxiety whatsoever when that happens.

So if you are worried about whether your Guides have “let you go” … that is the unmistakable sign that they haven’t.

It is equally true that Spiritual Guides will also distance themselves from people who become overly attached to them. 

 Students of the Source Healing Course and other valid spiritual training are unlikely to experience this unhelpful state of dependency.  Bona-fide spiritual training discourages all forms of obsessive attachments and the worshipping of people and of beings of Light.


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  1. If you wish post the dark night of the soul note as i cant find it; on this blog)

  2. Hello :-) That note was produced for students of the Source Healing Course.
    However, as you suggest, there may be merits in posting it here. I will put it on the list of the "may be" things to do :-)

  3. Okay thank you ;)