Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Attracting Abundance - The Secret that actually does work

Attracting abundance - The secret that actually does work.

Watch this video at least twice a day: first thing in the morning and just before you go to sleep.  Recite it whenever you feel like and especially when the weakening energies of fear and discouragement knock on your door.
There is nothing to visualize and nothing to force.  No need to squirt the Creator with your power affirmations either.  All you have to do is recite the words and bask in the feelings that they produce. 

One of the remarkable things that you will notice is how little "come back" you will get from your monkey brain (the logical part of your brain).  Instead, of derisive back chatter, most people experience a a sensation of peace, relief, hope and elevated vibrations.

This is because the Abundance Creed is based on truth and well validated teachings rather than the fraudulent and arrogant ramblings of the Law of Attraction.  

Reciting the Creed will bring about events, circumstances and auspicious factors which have the potential of causing you to become more abundant.  Higher Intelligence will not do the work for you--but it will provide you with the opportunities to enrich your life.  It will also attract circumstances that will help you evolve further.

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