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Raja Yoga Guided Meditation | Words and explanation of the Raja Yoga Meditation

It seems that my Raja Yoga Meditation is becoming more and more popular.  I have been getting a few E-mail asking about the wording of the meditation and its meanings.

I have included a description of this meditation in the video information, but is seems that it is being missed, so here it is again :-)

If after reading this explanation you have more questions, feel free to ask them here.  Please be patient :-)

The Raja Yoga Meditation is the very first recording I made.  I received the words from BK Anthony Strano, a Raja Yoga monk I met on the path.  Meeting BK Strano felt like reuniting with a long lost brother.

The sound track is very poor and the recording studio was not  the best :-) but the energy behind this recording transcends all that.

Many aspects of my spiritual life have changed since, but the desire for connection and closeness with the Higher Intelligence that created me has not changed--this meditation is all about connection.

Raja Yoga explores the connection between Higher Intelligence and Creation.  In this meditation you will hear the word "Baba" which means "Father".

The Raja Yoga meditation is nondenominational.  The concept of a Creator or Higher Intelligence exists in all philosophies and belief systems.


"But Baba

To be with You


Has been my goal

My destination
I have come
To the end of my journey"

This passage simply means that being aligned with the Creator is the ultimate of all experiences and that there is nothing else that the Soul desires more than achieving this spiritual union with the Creator.

Please note that the word "Baba" means Father.  

"I only have to be with You
I only have to know You
And I know all
I understand
The significance
Of all that
Which has occurred in the past
I can see the future
Absolutely clearly
I know now
What I must do
In the present

This passage implies that by aligning with the mind of Higher Intelligence, people receive powerful insights about the very nature of creation.  Of course, this depends solely on your level of evolution.  The more evolved you become and the more information you are able to receive.

Just as with human relationships, you would not discuss algebra and physics with a two year old (well at least most two year olds :-)).

This passage does not imply that by doing Raja Yoga you get psychic abilities or the lotto numbers for the next game.   You might get these depending of where you are on the path :-) I believe everything is possible and I have learned to not discount anything or try to predict the actions of Higher Intelligence.

The Raja Yoga meditation is a wonderful "starter" for people who have had no experience with spirituality.  It has the power to connect you with Higher Intelligence and is based purely on Love and the experience of Love.  


OM Shanti

All thoughts turn within

I realise that I am a Soul

A spark of Light

In the centre of the forehead

A shining star

Radiating Light

And Energy

Throughout the physical costume

The instrument

All this energy

Now focuses on itself

I the Soul

Have taken this costume

To play a role

When I choose

I use this body

When I so desire

I can step away

From this costume


I step away

I see my body

Separate to myself

Without the limitations

Of my physical costume

I am able to fly

I move through space

Beyond the sun

The moon

The stars

I find myself

In the world of Light

Golden Red Light

All around

I remember now

This is my home

This is the world

That I left

So long ago

I have come home again

From here

I look down

I see the earth

Spread below me

I see the actors

On the stage

Each playing

A different role

Yet I am here


From the stage

I have left behind

My variety roles

I am here

In my original form

I the soul

In this world

There is only silence

Only peace

I am drawn by a Light

I am called by a magnet

I come close

To a spark of Light


So much Light

That it is an ocean


Is the Incorporeal

The Supreme

Amongst all Souls

This is my Father

This is Baba

I come closer

And closer to Baba

I am part

Of the ocean of Light

The Soul

Has left the darkness behind

And now

There is nothing but Light

As my Father fills me with His Light

I realise that He is also

My Supreme Teacher

For this Light

Is the Light of Knowledge

The Light of wisdom


I have forgotten my Father

I have forgotten You

I have forgotten my home

You now remind me

Of all this

You fill me

With the wisdom

That gives me the understanding

Of You

The Creator

And the whole story of Creation

From the beginning

Through the middle

To its conclusion

For You are the seed

The Creator

Within You is the knowledge

Of all creation

I only have to be with You

I only have to know You

And I know all

I understand

The significance

Of all that

Which has occurred in the past

I can see the future

Absolutely clearly

I know now

What I must do

In the present

As I feel

Baba’s Light

And his Might

I also discover

That Baba

Is the ocean of love

I take this love

That I have thirsted for

For so long

This is the love

That is eternal

This is the love

Of the Ocean of Light

This is the love

That does not see

My weakness

But gives me the strength

To overcome all weaknesses

This is the love

Of my merciful Mother


My sweet Mother

Cleanses the Soul

As the waves of love

Wash the Soul

All the impurities

Are left behind

I emerge


By this love

There is no more



Or jealousy

There is nothing but Love

The essence of love

I realise

That this is how

I must have been before

Pure and clean

I realise

That purity

Was my original state


In the presence of Baba

I reclaim

My lost property

I the Soul

Become the essence of purity

And now

That I am clean

And pure

I discover

Perfect peace

Within myself

I the Soul

I am the essence of peace

My home

Is the land of silence

Of peace

My Father

Is the Ocean of peace

As I absorb

The Light

And the love

The purity and the peace

I see

That I have become

Filled with power

And strength


The Almighty

Has filled me with His Light

His strength

Nothing which is weak

Remains anymore

As I come closer and closer

To Baba

I observe Baba

Radiate all his qualities

Into the world

I see clearly

Baba’s work

Of transformation

Taking place

I experience Baba creating

Purity and peace

Baba destroying

All that is unrighteous

And evil

For my Baba

This beloved Father of mine

Is not only my Father alone

My sweet Baba is the unlimited

The Father of all mankind

This Father is Shiv Baba

The benefactor of all mankind


The liberator of all mankind


Here in my home

With Baba

I am in the world of liberation



And all bondages

Have been left behind

Baba has liberated me

And the Soul

Become an instrument

For Baba’s Light

And his might

To radiate into the world


And purity

Are being spread

So that all mankind

May receive

Even the very elements of nature

Are being filled with that purity

So that they too

May be peaceful

Baba prepares me

For the new world

Baba crowns me

With His Light

So that I may be worthy

To come in His Kingdom

Of heaven on earth

There will be a heaven on earth

But Baba

To be with You


Has been my goal

My destination

I have come

To the end of my journey

You have given me

Perfect bliss

There is nothing more

That I desire

All desires

Are not satisfied

For now I have You near me

I am with You

The Supreme


Is the supreme amongst all unions

This is the union

By which You prepare me

To be a sovereign

A king

The only desire

That now remains

Is to be with You

Here in my home

To be filled with the experience

Of all your attributes

Of all my relationships

With You

My one

My only

My sweet Baba

You are my Father

My Mother

My Teacher

My Guru

My Liberator

My Beloved

The Soul

Stays here

In the Supreme Light

With the Supreme Soul.

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  1. Hello do you have any proof that higer intelligence created us? Seeing the world it dosent seem to be unconditional love

  2. Hi, that’s a great question.

    The energy behind the question is good so I will answer it on the link below :-)

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