Monday, March 24, 2014

Mirrors - What is Higher Intelligence telling you?

One of the most profound insights that I received during my formative times was how Higher Intelligence provides us powerful guidance through mirroring.

Especially in the current environment of deception and mass manipulation, mirroring is one of the few reliable and indisputable sources of validation that we can have.

So what is the principle of “mirroring”? And why is it so reliable in determining where we are on the scale of evolution?

Before you dart off to the bathroom to look for divine signs on your “visage”, I must advise you that mirroring has nothing to do with looking at your holy reflection in a mirror—sorry about that.

Mirroring refers to the actions of other people. Higher Intelligence consistently provides us feedback on where we are on the path of evolution through the actions of others.

There are several important factors that mirroring can reveal. Some can be arrived at logically; for example, when people get glossy-eyed or place their hands over their noses when you are near them. :-)

Other factors are not as widely known, and they are seldom discussed by those who do know.

Today we will discuss one of these hidden factors and the message that Higher Intelligence is “lovingly” sending you.

1. Judging others and yourself

Are you constantly meeting people who display a particular type of bad behaviour? Are disagreeable people popping up out of the woodwork to haunt you, taunt you and harass you?

This kind of mirroring may be a message that you are judging others (and yourself). 

Source Healing teaches that Hairy legs uses “judgment” as a destructive and weakening weapon against humanity. When we pronounce judgement against another or ourselves we are shutting all the doors to evolution.

A more useful approach to the actions of lowly evolved people is to become “observers” and to take appropriate action dictated by the Real You as quickly as possible.

Hairy Legs and the people it controls suggest that “spiritual” people must not and do not get angry. They “should” sit in a lotus position with a stunned mullet look on their faces, even while acts of incredible evil take place all around them.

My earthly job and my life-time experience have afforded me the privilege of observing (with my own eyes) great spiritual masters and revered religious figures fly into colourful fits of rage. So I am fully satisfied that this “spiritual” teaching is a lie.

So when I write “as quickly as possible” I am suggesting that as human beings we are most likely to experience a human reaction when faced with evil behaviour, a great injustice, or even an act of disrespect.

Anger is a natural reaction, disdain is a natural reaction, and disappointment is a natural reaction. So we must embrace these and understand them as such—not judge them in ourselves or others--and then we can let them go.

The more evolved people become the faster they are able to “let go” of their natural negative reactions.

I have noticed this behaviour in myself. Before meeting my Guides it would take me years to “let go” of anger and resentment and of the need for revenge. 

In fact, I would often take great delight in refusing to let go of the need to inflict greatly “satisfying” acts of “revenge”.

The result was that more and more people came running to replace the people I removed and the acts of “injustice” intensified exponentially.

Today, I find myself letting go of judging others--almost in seconds (well most of the time anyway). And even when I get caught in the trap of judging others I can laugh at my blunder and brush it off—no harm done.

The end result is that I am now rarely faced with obnoxious people. As I look in the “mirror” I now see supportive and like-minded people more and more.

Is this the result of a coincidence? Or a reward for being “good”? Not at all.
I am no more “good” today than I was when I was born. 

And I know that the Creator does not “reward” anybody for “good behaviour”—rather it is evidence of the benefits of evolution.

Mirroring is a powerful tool, a loving tool, with which Higher Intelligence clearly and unequivocally communicates with us.

The Creator does not judge us. Higher Intelligence created us in its own image and knows exactly where we are on the path of evolution.

Through mirroring, the Creator tells us “This is where you are today”.

Behind that loving statement there is a promise that the current state is only temporary.

The fact that you are wanting to read this message, the fact that you are able to grasp its meaning—and that you desire to read more :-) — are all signs that you are on the path of evolution.

So pay attention to what messages Higher Intelligence is sending you through mirroring and you will greatly benefit from your efforts.

We will discuss more “mirroring” secrets in future notes—so please come back 


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  4. Thanks for your insights, Alexander...every little helps, as I, too am going through the same stage of now & then forgetting, (it's a habit thing, really) but have not yet related the 'who is showing up now' behaviour yet, as I tend to be a bit of a recluse, don't get myself out much these days, I'd rather be studying info like this on the Net!! I have been let to several sites on 'being judgmental' My conclusions are that it's ok to use one's judgement, in a reasonable following one's 'Higher Self' and its recommendations....Just wanted to let you know that your blogs are working & give some feedback....all I read gives me a slightly different perspective & keeps the situation in front of me, therefore helping me become more little question, have you ever felt invisible? Ignored? Does it tend to make you feel hurt? I recently joined a Group, supposedly of like minded people, (Ascension etc), Apart from the obligatory welcome messages, I am not getting any feedback, as no-one seems to notice my comments, it (the site) 'feels' predominately American, & I'm (now) an you think I'm being too sensitive?...I am trying to cope with those feelings of being invisible! Is it just me? Are they insensitive? Do I come across as being strong & 100% coping? etc etc....any little insight will help, thanks so much for your work, it's much's helping me, anyway....Much Love & Blessings..
    Sylvia (aka Melaynia)