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How to deal with sickness, disease and pysical challenges with people and pets

I often receive mail from students of the Source Healing Course and members of the Thereisaway Group asking about how to deal with sickness and disease in both people and pets.   

Our health and the health of our loved ones and our pets is the most significant factor in our lives--everything else comes second.   

So what is the optimum way to react when sickness and disease threatens our lives or lives of our loved ones and pets.


I have been facing challenges with my health, but in my minds eye I am well and healed! When you say, about the need to let it go, as mentally I have let it go, although not yet physically, maybe you can help with this?


Firstly, let me start by saying that it is easy for others to give advice when they are not experiencing health issues or a similar challenge.  Hairy Legs (the nick name I use for the Opponent) is presenting an image in your mind of how you "should be" reacting to this challenge. 

I have personally (with my own eyes) observed Gurus and Great Spiritual Masters react to serious challenges and mishaps and they all scream and shout and get terribly upset with their hapless followers--or in private.  Their red faces match the colour of their robes.  

If you believe in religions, some of the most revered god-like people who walked on earth reacted with fear, anger and even went on to vent with physical assault (by today's standards an indictable offense).

So, for goodness sake, stop listening to Hairy Legs and listen to what the heart is telling you--Hairy is attempting to weaken you and get you to lose faith in yourself.  

The heart tells you that you are in trouble, and that you need help, and you are reaching out for help the best you can and know how.  You are using the tools that you have discovered and you are calling upon Higher Intelligence for help.  That is all that can be asked of a human being.

Now that we are clear of what the first and largest obstacle is, let's explore the rest of your message.

There are two points to answering this.  I do not mean to be disrespectful but I have a lot of problems when people who are experiencing an issue say "I have let go of the issue".  This Law of Attraction dribble is the single most dangerous misinformation being disseminated. It causes people to lie to themselves and to self-deceive.  This, of course, leads to people becoming weaker.

Source Healing teaches that "letting go" means taking responsibility--period.  We teach that challenges come to us because of actions that we have taken which have caused the challenges to arrive at our door step.   When we "let go" we simply take responsibility.  

For example, when dealing with health issues, we say "I know I caused this challenge by doing something that did not serve my body at some stage of my life.  I forgive myself for that because I did not know any better at the time.  Now I am ready to let go and I forgive myself and I  love who I am becoming and I am ready for guidance which I will gladly follow".

The "I let go" of the fraudulent Law of Attraction’s teachings and the thieves that sell it is a different "I let go".  It is an arrogant statement that implies we are "allowing" the Creator to do something because we changed OUR mind.  Such arrogant people behave as if Higher Intelligence is subservient to their whims and thoughts.  Can you see the absurdity?  

The problem with many students of Source Healing is that they bring the fraudulent teachings of the Law of Attraction into the Source Healing course and they mix the two interpretations.  For this reason, I keep reminding students to let go of these treacherous and Hairy ideas and presuppositions, and to come to Source Healing with a clean slate.

So the fact that we are facing a challenge--clearly tells us that we have not let go of it.  Had we really let go of it, we would not be facing it.  Affirming the contrary only weakens us and that is why Hairy Legs is so adamant about the importance of his version of "letting go".


What I have noticed consistently is that people who ask for help will almost invariably resist the guidance they receive.  

Hairy Legs is the king of rebellion and opposition.  Hairy Legs opposes all positive inputs from Higher Intelligence.  The less evolved people are--the more likely they are to fall for the trap of suggestions such as : "it's too hard, it is not practical, it is too difficult, it’s impossible, etc". 

More evolved people will instantly recognize and gratefully embrace the information and promptly ACT on it--and of course they get results.  

Those who are less evolved become easily dissuaded and even end up opposing the favourable changes—and of course they fail miserably causing unnecessary pain and suffering to themselves and the field.

Therefore, do expect increased opposition from Hairy Legs and the people it can easily control during challenging times.  

Depending on where you are on the scale of evolution you will notice this “opposition and rebellion” in yourself—if you do, be grateful.  The fact that you are now able to notice and observe this weakening behaviour means you ARE fast evolving out of this helpless state of vulnerability.  

Hairy reacts to the opportunity of weakening people with the same eagerness and subtlety of an elephant on heat.  So expect people in your immediate environment who are vulnerable to Hairy Legs to display erratic and even surprisingly opposing, negative and rebellious behaviours.  

Make sure not to fall into the equally Hairy behaviour of “judging” those who are so easily influenced.  They too are on the path of evolution—just be grateful you are able to realise what is taking place and act accordingly.


1.  Pay attention to "hints" that Higher Intelligence is sending you. In your understandable distress, you are wailing loudly (which is ok) but all that noise is blocking your ability to see the hints that the Creator is sending you.  The moment you pay attention to "small details" and "slight hints" and "intuitive prompts" you will start discovering new ways to tackle this challenge.

2.  The body is an amazing miraculous machine; it takes many years of abuse to get it to malfunction.  When that does happen, it also takes a certain amount of time for it to heal.  We must also accept that, as we grow older, the healing time increases.  However, growing older does not mean inability to heal--that is a Hairy Legs’ misinformation.  My 74-year old Aikido Master could kick my butt with ease and without skipping a breath--no matter how good I became at the martial art in question.

In my many years of observing thousands of people, (and my own life), I have noticed that the primary reasons why our health (and the health of our pets) suffer are
·       bad food,
·       dehydration,
·       lack of adequate rest,
·       lack of exercise,
·       stress,
·       and the presence of psychic vampires in the immediate environment.

People and animals in remote (so called primitive) cultures are mostly free of the above aspects.  They generally enjoy good health right until the very moment they are ready to cross over and evolve further.

When such cultures come into contact with “modern” society, they too rapidly succumb to the common diseases and challenges—perhaps even more rapidly and more severely than their “civilised” counterparts.

It is true that it is almost impossible for western people to remove all of the above factors in the list, but we can certainly remove some of the most damaging ones.   Food, hydration, exercise and adequate rest are some of these.

If your body (or your pet's body) is attempting to heal you MUST eliminate all processed foods from the diet.   Eat only whole foods (foods that do not come in packets).   Drink more water, provide gentle regular exercise (even bed-ridden people can exercise), ensure proper rest time.  The more severe the crisis, the more urgent is the need to act.

It will be necessary for you to wean yourself (or your pet) from packaged food and harmful chemically and additives laden foods.  So plan to do so over a four week period or longer—check with your dietician or licensed health practitioner (some medical practitioners are more informed than others when it comes to the importance of nutrition—so choose one who is informed and interested in this essential component of maintaining and regaining good health).

Keep monitoring for changes and for signals from your body.  If, what you are doing is in accordance with your body’s needs you will experience some kind of benefit.  The intensity of the benefit will match the appropriateness of your action.  So if what you are doing is in 100% accordance with your body’s needs—you will experience significant benefits, (or if dealing with a pet’s health challenge, you will observe remarkable improvements.)

You can also ask for a free distant healing at the Free Distant Healing dedicated website. 

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