Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Is there proof that Higher Intelligence created us?

Hi, that’s a great question. 

The energy behind the question is good so I will answer it :-)
The presence of a Higher Intelligence is unquestionable.  When I look at the PC that I am using, and at all its intricate circuits I KNOW an intelligent being or beings created it.  It is clear to me that the PC, the screen and the keyboard did not “just happen”.

When I look at the human brain, eyes and hands which can perform tasks that no computer can ever “dream” of, :-) I KNOW a Higher Intelligence designed them and created them.  You don’t need a high IQ to grasp that point.

The question of the existence of “unconditional love” on this planet is a separate question and it has nothing to do with the existence of a Higher Intelligence.  It has all to do with the evolution of each individual.

The more evolved people become, and the more able they are to see and feel and even give some form of “unconditional love”.

More evolved people have an instinctive love for Creation and their fellow beings and creatures. 

This is not a “quality” that can be forced.  It comes as the result of evolution—you either have it or you don’t.  

More evolved people are less likely to be affected by lower vibrations such as “fear, anger, selfishness”.

So it is not a question of being “bad” or “good”—there is no such a thing as “bad” or “good” people under the sun.  There are either more evolved people or less evolved people.  By what they do, you know who they are.

I sense that you care about the field and so I trust you will instantly grasp what I am writing about.

Higher Intelligence is just that--Higher Intelligence, it is neither a cosmic nanny that caters to our whims, nor a nasty, neurotic bastard that gets you when you “sin”. 

Lowly evolved people attribute these qualities to Higher Intelligence because these ideas serve them well—or serve their purpose for control and manipulation of the masses.

There is no denying that at present we live in a world that has both lowly evolved and higher evolved people in it.  The senseless acts of cruelty towards people, animals and creation clearly demonstrate this.

Moreover, you get to “hear” more from the lowly evolved because they are capable of making a lot of noise :-).  The Internet and electronic communication makes it easy for lowly evolved people to “speak” louder than ever before.

More evolved people are generally quieter.  They only speak when there is a valid purpose.  The more evolved people are, and the less likely you are to “see” them--but their effect on the field is significant.

If you focus your mind on finding evidence of loving, unselfish and kind people, you will find them everywhere on this planet.  They are harder to find because they are “quieter”, but they are there.

I sense that you would like to see a world that is filled with kindness and fairness and love.   I too share that intense desire and I firmly believe that this state of being for the human race is the ultimate state—which will come as a result of evolution.  And I firmly believe that we are fast moving towards that state.

You may have noticed that, for the first time in the history of mankind, there is a VAST demarcation between those who are more evolved (and able to function in a world of cooperation, fairness, respect and love), and those who are less evolved (and who are motivated by selfishness, greed, and hatred--all these low energies being the children of fear).

This clear state of demarcation between the two types of people is a definite “signpost”.  The Ancients left us precise codes about these “signposts”.  These can be found in all the Scriptures, The Kabbalah, and the TAO.  Their meaning is apparent to those who “have ears to hear”.

Ultimately, suffice it to say that I am an optimist.  My personal experiences, my observations and the information I have gathered--all lead me to believe that the Higher Intelligence that created us has not lost grip of creation, and that Higher Intelligence has a very definite plan for the evolution of mankind.

But of course I could be wrong :-) and if I am wrong then we are all well and truly screwed.


  1. Hello. I didn't know where else to write/send my question so I'm posting it here. I've recently learned of Ho'oponopono and I have a few questions about one of the greatest things I'm struggling with. There are several websites that offer information so it'ssomewhat cconfusing. When I say the four mantras, am I speaking to myself, the person I'm having trouble with, The Creator (God), or am I just saying them? Next, I'll be specific and say that one of my biggest pains in life stems from my biological father not being in my life. This, in turn, has affected my relationship with men, my children, and mostly important how I feel about myself. One website I read that we never have to forgive anyone because in someway we're responsible for the way that person is acting. What could I have done as an innocent baby to make my father leave me? I read that it could've been something I did in a pass life. Either way, can you please write me back. I don't want to keep holding on to this but it's the only thing that's keeping me from fully embracing my healing.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Michele,

      The words of Ho'oponopono are "anchors" they basically cause your to focus on certain aspects of the evolution process. Firstly, remember that life is a classroom and never a courtroom. We are here to explore and experience and to evolve. This evolution is built on life experiences and each life experience facilitates a higher level of evolution.

      I am familiar with the insane concept of "Karma". That is that we "pay" for previous wrong doings or that we are rewarded for being "good" in previous lives. That kind of primitive thinking has no part in my life.

      Previous lives provide you a platform on which you build upwards. Evolution works forward never backward.

      Additionally, every life experience is like a theater. The stage is your experience and the actors are people who elect themselves to be part of the play--because they want to. It has nothing to do with "reprisal for previous lives" it has all to do with their level of evolution. Have you heard the expression of "Birds of a feather flock together?"

      There is also evidence that certain people tend to travel in "groups" on the path. That means that in some cases people will keep returning together to act out new roles. This kind of bond is based on "love" which is eternal. This also applies to pets. Quite often pets will return to be with their humans. Of course they too are evolving.

      It is true that we do not have to "forgive" anyone or be forgiven by anyone. And it is true that we are all creating the events that take place in our lives. BUT I do not agree to the word "responsible". "Responsible" insinuates the act of wrong doing all over again.

    2. PART 2 OF REPLY

      No one in their right mind chooses pain and suffering and poverty in their lives.or chooses a life of crime, violence and tragic death--not at all.

      It is true the less evolved people are likely to behave in a manner dictated by the ego (animal like). They are likely to be ruled by fear (animal like) and will "defend" aggressively, form close knit tribal alliances, rob, assault, and have no regard for animal life or the well being of the planet. These are not "bad" people. There is no such a thing as a 'bad" person. But there are less evolved people.

      The more evolved human being does not need any laws, feels the unity of all life, is more trustworthy, and is incapable of hurting anyone--including animals and plant life. These people are rare but they exist.

      As for your challenges with your ego related problems (relationships and so on) The fact that you are now interested in Ho'oponopono and spirituality, tells me that you are now entering a new stage of evolution. If you continue on this path (and you are likely to do so), then all your ego related challenges will dissolve.

      More evolved people learn that there is no profit in investing in self-pity and finding excuses in order to be miserable. They accept what has life has delivered, build on that, and they spend their time trying to be as happy as they can be instead of studying reasons why they should be miserable.

      Practice Ho'oponopono and in one year you will not recognize yourself.

      I agree about that merchants of Ho'oponopono do exist. Their teachings seem to be confusing to you because your inner spirit is basically telling you "this stuff is phoney and is not for you". The teaching is confusing because the teachers are confused (or fraudulent). That is all.

      They too have a role for the time being. When all the spiritual merchants are no longer needed (and the time is soon) they will all disappear.

      You can find a good explanation about the wording of Ho'oponopono at


      It is a free site and it delivers everything you need to get started. The rest of the learning will come from within. People cannot teach you how to relate to your Creator. They can give you the basics but the rest is private and personal between yourself and the Higher Intelligence that created you.

      Hope this helps


  2. All clear thanks glad i am going up :) cuz the ebergy of evolution is awesome ;)